Automotive Defects

Defective Vehicles and Automotive Parts

While cars and trucks have made dramatic advances in automotive safety over the last few decades, vehicle defects still cause an enormous number of accidents and injuries each year. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration identified vehicle defects as the critical cause of 44,000 accidents reviewed in the National Motor Vehicle Crash Causation Survey.

A recent example involves defective ignition switches that were installed on certain GM vehicles. The ignition switches installed on these vehicles could slip out of the “on” position, which cut the engine while the vehicle was in use, disabling the vehicle’s airbags and power steering. GM was forced to pay compensation to the families of at least 64 people who died in accidents caused by these defective ignition switches. Unfortunately, these kinds of vehicle defects are still too common, and no amount of money can ever replace a loved one.

 If you or a loved one have been hurt or killed in a crash caused by an automotive defect, call us now for a free case evaluation. Our attorneys are not afraid of complex automotive defect claims involving intensive document review and expert retention because product liability is all we do.

Common Types of Auto Defects

All cars, trucks, automobiles, and automotive parts are required to comply with the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (“FMVSS”). Under the National Traffic and Motor Vehicle Safety Act (“NTMVSA”), the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (“NHTSA”) has the power to require manufacturers to recall vehicles that do not meet Federal safety standards such as the FMVSS. Since the NTMVSA’s enactment in 1966, more than 390 million automotive parts and vehicles have been recalled because they do not meet the standards required by law. Many of these defective automobiles and automotive parts put drivers and everyone around them at risk of severe injury and death.

Examples of safety-related auto defects identified by the NHTSA include:


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• Airbags that fail to deploy or deploy when they should not

• Electrical system or wiring failures that cause fire or loss of lighting

• Defective wheels that break and cause loss of control

• Steering wheel failures that cause loss of vehicle control

• Accelerators that stick or malfunction

• Fuel system components that are prone to crash damage and can lead to fires

• Seats that fail or adjust improperly

• Inadequate crash worthiness

Car and truck manufacturers have a duty to ensure that their vehicles are reasonably safe and free from defects. When a company fails to uphold its duty and decides to put profits over the safety of their consumers, an injured party is entitled to file a product liability lawsuit to recover damages for injuries caused by the defective vehicle.

 A product liability claim for an auto defect injury can be filed against a variety of groups involved in the manufacture and sale of the automobile. A lawsuit can be filed against the vehicle manufacturer, the manufacturer of the defective part, and the companies that sold and distributed the vehicle, including car dealerships.

 While sellers and manufacturers are the most common defendants, that does not mean they are the only possible defendants. Each situation is unique and depending on the circumstances, there may be many more hidden defendants who are potentially liable for your injuries. Speak with an experienced attorney to confirm that you haven’t overlooked additional potential defendants who may be responsible for your injuries.

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 Auto defect claims are complicated by their very nature. If you’ve been hurt in an accident that you believe might have involved a defective vehicle or auto part, it is vital that you reach out to a knowledgeable lawyer as soon as you can. Failure to file a claim by certain deadlines (i.e. the “statute of limitations”) can result in you giving up your claim forever.

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