Consumer Product Defects

Defective Consumer Products

As consumers, you have every right to expect that the products you use are safe, and free from defect. You should be able to trust that the manufacturers and companies making these products have your safety in mind. Unfortunately, this is often not the case. Many companies care more about increasing profit margins than they do about consumer safety. They may unknowingly or even knowingly (yes, we’ve seen it) sell products that contain defects. These defects can cause serious injuries including broken bones, severe burns, amputations, paralysis, traumatic brain injuries (TBI), and even death.

 Sometimes, consumers feel personally responsible for a product not working the way it should and feel that no one will take their lawsuit seriously. Don’t fall into this trap; companies count on you doing exactly that. If you believe a product may be defective, and that defect caused injury or death to you or your loved ones, call us now for a free case evaluation

Types of Consumer Product Defects

From toasters, hairdryers, frozen foods, bunk beds, gas cans, and trampolines, to cosmetics, tampons, weed-killers, and talc powders, there have been defects in virtually every type of household good or appliance you can think of.

A consumer product can be defective in numerous ways that are difficult to imagine. There have been cases involving toilets spontaneously exploding and causing lacerations, insect infestations in cheaply manufactured pillows and bedding, dangerous bacteria found in frozen foods, gas cans unexpectedly exploding, and allergenic materials being accidentally included in cosmetics. Indeed, people are injured by defective products every day.

Regardless of what kind of product is at issue, or what form the defect takes, SOS Injury Lawyers is fully prepared to handle your product liability case. While the type of defect can vary, at the end of the day, companies are responsible injuries caused by their defective products. Even if you think the injury was your fault, you should contact our product liability lawyers for a free evaluation—our attorneys are highly experienced in evaluating what relief the law may be able to provide.


Generally, any company that’s been involved in manufacturing and distributing a defective product is potentially liable for your injuries. That means if you purchased a John Deere lawnmower at Walmart and you were injured because of a defect in the lawnmower, you could sue both Walmart and John Deere. Similarly, if you bought a workout bench press on Amazon that collapsed and caused you injury when you were trying to use it, you could sue both Amazon and the manufacturer for the defective bench press.

While sellers and manufacturers are the most common defendants, that does not mean they are the only possible defendants. Each situation is unique and depending on the circumstances, there may be many more hidden defendants who are potentially liable for your injuries. Speak with an experienced attorney to confirm that you haven’t overlooked additional potential defendants who may be responsible for your injuries.

Get Help from Our Nevada, California, Arizona, and Utah Consumer Product Defect Lawyers

Product defect claims are complicated by their very nature. If you’ve been hurt by a product that was defective or malfunctioned in some way, it is vital that you reach out to a knowledgeable lawyer as soon as you can. Failure to file a claim by certain deadlines (i.e. the “statute of limitations”) can result in you giving up your claim forever.

Whether you’re in Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Salt Lake City, Phoenix, or anywhere else in the country, we’re standing by and ready to assist you with your case. Our law firm focuses almost all of its energy on pursuing product liability cases on behalf of consumers, and our lawyers are ready to talk with you about your unique situation. We’ll provide you with a free review of your case and will inform you about your legal options and the best way to pursue a potential claim. If you believe a product may be defective, and that defect caused injury or death to you or your loved ones, call us now for a free case evaluation.